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Thanks for stopping by my little world of blogging, digital marketing, and life adventures!

Life has been so much fun: I grew up in Panama City, studied Graphic Design, then moved to Washington DC for some years fell in love even more with marketing, technology and gastronomy; took a road trip all the way to Portland, Oregon. Lived there, back in Panama, DC, traveled here and there. But I am currently a Marylander! Current obsession: Crab Maryland Soup.

My food industry background includes working for a Laotian chef: her brand, the Lao Food Movement organization, and restaurants (Thip Khao, Padaek, Sen Khao, and Hanumanh). Though I am currently working in a different industry (health care), my passion for gastronomy and technology is not going anywhere!

I published a small poetry book, finished my first novel manuscript, and I am going through my second round of edits. It is a folklore horror short novel. Next book will fall closer to sci-fi horror, or maybe romance, fantasy, horror! So many ideas, so little time.

I’m also still food blogging on LittleLadyCook *Cocinerita* so if you love cooking, or just eating, you will so enjoy following my blog!

When I’m not working or writing I cook, bake, read, play Chess, video games, or Warhammer, and watch anime or horror films.

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