GIRLS by The Luna Brothers

Girls #7

Rare are the books that make skip my sleep and lunches at work (believe me those two are sacred), but I found GIRLS while browsing the Horror options on Comixology (iPad app) and just like my favorite stories I didn’t have a clue what it was about but then I saw the illustration and writing style (you get 2-3 preview pages) and something that’s important for me too when reading comics that is very basic, but VERY important, the font, it has to be friendly to my eyes.

It’s difficult to talk about this series without giving much away, all I can say it is about humans in a difficult & apocalyptic looking situation who do unexpected things and not always the right ones.  Yes, this is fiction and I highly doubt DC would get in the same situation as the folks of Pennystown (seriously, we don’t want to go through that), yet, humanity has gone through intense situations where its emotions and character have been pushed, and we all know what we humans are capable of doing under these circumstances when having fear, being ignorant and acting on impulsiveness.  But we are lucky because this is only fiction and if you have read Y: The Last Man I think you will love GIRLS.

My favorite cover: #7
My favorite character: Ethan
Least favorite character: SPOILER:  I really wanted Wes to go through a difficult/weak situation with the GIRLS but it never happened!  He was too righteous.
Genre: Horror (nudity, cursing & gore)

Thanks to The Luna Brothers for creating GIRLS and the other stories I’m planning to write about, Ultra and The Sword (The Sword will have to have spoilers! Sorry ha!).


I wonder what the men would have done if in the end they were never threatened by the GIRLS, the end of us women? Yikes!





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