Social Media Week DC 2012 – Day 2

The Social Media Week offered amazing conversations and activities around the world  and I was lucky to attend to few of these events.


–  How to Get More Views For Your YouTube Videos  (livestream)

–  Organize Your Social Media Efforts: Create an Editorial Calendar (livestream)

–  Jump-Start Your Blog! Inspiration and Practical Tips (livestream)

–  Five Ways To Fail In Social Media

I posted Monday’s events thoughts and ideas separately and the rest on this post, mostly buzzwords and phrases that stuck in my mind plus few photos and film time that shall give you an idea of how Tuesday talks went.

Source: Fletcher Prince Channel:


Youtube – Twitter – Traffic & Writing tips

“Three points to focus while getting a corporate presence on YouTube (content, production quality, search optimization).  Creating the video is only the beginning. Content: ask yourself what are your clients excited about?  What do they want to hear?  Tell the story from their perspective.”

“Details will get people watch your videos, proper text description in the title, why should the person watch this video, describe who is in the video, why should your audience listen to this person. Provide contact info. QUALITY on your videos, important.”

“Videos that are too long people won’t watch.   Moderate the comments, no need for profanity or sexual comments from users.  Closed captions are not so expensive.”

“Twitter in perspective, how will your engagement work?  Is it searchable?  12 % registered are considered active, it’s not representing the bigger public.  Great for customer services immediate relationships.”

“Effective marketing technique: comes on top and outshines other social tools, it doesn’t cost money.  Post comments on other blogs adding to the conversation, agreeing or disagreeing with thoughtful comments.”

“Creative is good but be careful, don’t go with metaphors for titles or headlines it is confusing for search engines.  Write in small paragraphs, focus on a single topic and write about what you know and remember to stock your own pictures to avoid copyright issues”

Mary Fletcher Jones
 Ways to fail in Social Media & who is doing it well

“Zappos has a great twitter Policy”

“American Red Cross approached their twitter fail with a professional response”

“Motrin controversial commercial and McDonalds fails with Twitter marketing strategy”

“Kenneth Cole really bad tweet in such controversial situation with #Cairo, avoid controversial”

“14 people monitoring Jet BLue’s Twitter, great engagement”

“Don’t be afraid to say you are sorry using your channels of communication”

“Don’t ever, ever, NEVER, delete”

“Every company needs a social media policy”

“Don’t have unrealistic expectations for Social Media”

“You have to maintain a constant message, listen to people, use etiquette asking the right questions”

“This technology is human, it’s social for a reason”

“Leaders, Individuals have to be more proactive to create change through Social Media”

Anderson Hilding 


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