Satori Trova Photoshoot

Avi (guitar/effects) spoke to me about doing a photoshoot at his place where usually the band practices.  He already had something in mind with his home elements plus some other from the members.  This was a very hanging-out-photoshoot mode kind of project so of course I had tons of fun and got to improve a thing or two while working with a big group, indoors, different tones and spaces.

You should totally give these guys a try not just because they are amazing, lovely and fun, but because their music is fantastic, I really enjoy this song, Liora’s voice is brilliant, please try it and let me know what you think.

Something in the Static – Satori Trova

I hope I work with them again they were very patient and friendly to shoot!

Thanks to:

Liora Valero – Lead Vocals
Avi Elisar – Guitar/Effects
Stephen Baker – Guitar/Keyboards/Samples
Tommi Nathan – Bass/Vocals
Regina Fiorentini- Alto Sax/Vocals/Piano
David Ray – Drums/Percussion




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