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Humanoid JC GibbsHumanoid, one of my favorite places in Second Life – Picture taken on iMac, not a mobile screenshot.

I’ve been playing on Second Life for a few years now and I’ve always used a desktop or laptop to play it.  I’m assuming that if you’re reading this post it’s because you are already familiar with Second Life, if you aren’t, please read here:

As you see, it is a virtual 3D world in which you choose your appearance, walking animation, and activities (I have an avatar/avi that can be a zombie one day, ninja, cyborg, panda, a Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and many other characters).  You can use your voice and/or type as you shoot zombies, targets, other avatars, etc.

I’ve had my fun, currently I have virtual sisters and brothers, I’ve had relationships and wonderful friends in there.  My computer isn’t very gaming friendly anymore (I can’t even install Steam, give me strength!).  That’s why Lumiya and Mobile Grid Client come in handy to still explore and communicate with my SL friends.

sitting ball lumiya

I first used Mobile Grid Client and was very happy I could chat with my SL friends, but then I would get sent TPs (teleportation requests) and everyone would ask about a certain weapon or outfit and when you are on Mobile Grid all you I can do is chat (you can tp, transfer money and some files, but you can’t see inworld) and then I discovered Lumiya and my virtual fun came back!

Avatars can change outfits and fly! The AO works, transfers, rez objects, play some animations, Avis can sit on the sitting balls, choose the sitting poses.  I was able to see all my other friends animations and was able to see what my friends were building (something I’ve missed).

Just like when using a computer, the internet speed makes a big difference.  If you’re using a slow connection, you will barely enjoy SL through Lumiya, and the textures inworld aren’t the best as you can see the sky and water look rather plain.  I still have to make sure to verify if I can see MESH  but I’m assuming I can since I could see every single avi that would walk pass me.

Flying Avatar

Flying Avatar

At first, my friends couldn’t see my avi, but then I logged in from a location with really fast internet and boom! They could see me again which made it much better for interaction.

There are things I miss, like actual shooting, silly dancing, creating objects and playing with textures and virtual photography.  I loved dressing my Avi and taking pictures of her at the MiC, Frost, and a bunch of horror / historic and steampunkish places.  I can only hope that with the new features Lumiya will go to iOSto use in my iPad.

I’m sure I’m not the only one hoping that SL will create a browser viewer and/or will improve mobile access to inworld.  Come on guys, people are willing to pay for it.

I’ll be updating this post as I keep using the app.  These are a few helpful links and some screenshots I was able to get from my phone, I was surprised at the colors I was able to grab from Frost.  I was missing those trees so much!

Getting Started with Lumiya:
Lumiya latest updates:
Video with Demos:
Google Play Reviews:

Animal Avatar

Animal Avatar



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