The Animal Within – The Story That Never Ends

I firmly believe we are all animals, ok, I know it is a fact. However, I’m specifically referring to our instincts, our sexuality, our reactions, our fears, our desires, even big life decisions we make and take, we do it with the animal within US.

You might believe you’re smart, you’re an intelligent human being, you’ve learned from the past, you have read and learned from the internet, from your parents, from society, from your experiences, but the truth is, most of the time you will still follow your instincts, you will follow the animal within YOU.

This is the story of the animal within me, sometimes it disappears, sometimes it takes over my body, sometimes it takes over my mind, sometimes it laughs at me, or with me, and sometimes it also cries with me. The beautiful thing is that, it always comes back, it always comes back, the animal within ME.

Photography and ArtWork by The Shooting Espresso

what will you leave behind?
will it matter?


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