10 Electronic – Experimental Bands

Before El Ten Eleven Concert

Me, J and our friend Khalil (who joined us if for only a few songs ha! He was visiting from Panama and attended the Willie Nelson concert with us, yup, big country fan)

I don’t have much knowledge of music and like wine I don’t necessarily have a specific type that I like but until I try it I won’t be able to guess if I’ll like it.  Why comparing music to wine?  Well, I like Malbec and Riesling but that doesn’t mean I’ll like all the Malbec and Riesling bottles you put in front of me, and no, it’s not like that for everything.  Up to this day there are very few chocolates that I don’t like, the ones that either have 300% cacao super-mother-of-all-the-things-bitter, or the ones that are 100% sugar and teeth killers.

Back to music; it all started with the band Mono.  I worked for a while at a bookstore and we had an awesome music department, my good friend Thomas would always share songs with me and thanks to him I now listen to Anna Ternheim and many others.  J has also influenced my music choices.  He’s a big fan of John Frusciante’s experimental work and once you immerse yourself in that kind of music, there is no turning back.  My friends on Second Life are also responsible for my knew music tendencies and I’m still trying to get a hang of industrial/noise music thanks to my friend Stephen.

El Ten Eleven - U Street DC

El Ten Eleven is probably the band that I’ve listened to the most this year.  I went to their concert a few weeks ago and it was fantastic.  Between that kind of music, tons of Dubstep and Dancehall, plus all the country that J makes me listen to (the day after El Ten Eleven concert, we drove to Baltimore to see Willie Nelson, and it was glorious), that sums up my music for 2014.

I’m more open to music now, and happy about it.  If there is a band you think I should be listening to, let me know in the comments.  This is the order I would start listening to the songs, these 10 electronic/experimental bands are no secret to some of  you, but for those who have never listened to them, well, you tell me how it goes.  Now, enjoy the music.

El Ten Eleven U Street DC

El Ten Eleven – “Connie”

Mono – “Trailer 3”

Little People – “Moon”

Mutemath – “Reset”

Glider – “Twilight”

The Glitch Mob – “Fortune Days”

Ratatat – “Loud Pipes”

Archive – “Lights”

 Fever Ray - “Keep the streets empty for me”

Dirty Three – “Sea Above, Sky Below”



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