New England Lighthouses

Maine - Lighthouse

Portland Head Light Lighthouse – ME

When we decided to drive to Boston all I could think of were the cliches and tourist traps, even when it came to food.  I know many folks make it a big deal to not fall in a tourist trap and to avoid chain restaurants and usually I do the same, but on this trip I decided to focus on what I did want to do instead of what I wanted to avoid.  I knew I wanted to photograph lighthouses and eat lobster so I wrote down that I had to see at least one lighthouse and eat a lobster roll and take it easy for the rest of the trip.

Doing research is fun but it got to a certain point that there were times in which I would be all over Google looking for the right meal or where to spend the night so I would then jump to browse around tripadvisor,  business’s Facebook Page, and as a last resource Yelp (I know, I know).

When doing research and planning ceased to be fun, we stopped and asked the locals, asked friends on Twitter, friends of friends who live around Massachusetts and that made our plans much easier.

I love lighthouses and how they stand above everything that surrounds them, except for the tiny Fort Pickering Lighthouse, but that makes it even cuter.

For pictures and my food experience while in Massachusetts please click here.  I’m still working on the places I visited during the rest of my trip around Maine, New Hampshire and Rhode Island.  Take a look at all the pictures on my Flickr album here.

Marblehead, MA Lighthouse

Marblehead Lighthouse, MA 

Lighthouse, Cape Elizabeth, ME

Cape Elizabeth Lighthouse, ME


Lighthouse - Marblehead

Some Lighthouse around Marblehead, MA

Top 5 Facts: Lighthouses

“Elemental: Originally lighthouses were lit merely with open fires, only later progressing through candles, lanterns and electric lights. Lanterns tended to use whale oil as fuel.” (Source and rest of the facts click here)

Lighthouse - BN Salem

Fort Pickering Light – Salem, MA

Portland Headlight - 2013

 Portland Head Light Lighthouse – ME

Portland HeadLights - ME

Portland Head Light Lighthouse – ME


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